Mountain Biking in Colombia – Going Downhill Fast

Before trying something new, there’s always a mix of fear and excitement. If I’m being honest, Mountain Biking in Colombia might have erred a little more on the side of fear for me though. After my first-day mountain biking in Colombia, climbing 4 kilometres uphill and succeeding, I was on a high. All the fears … Read more

Group of people with mountain bikes in the mountains of Colombia

Mountain Biking in Colombia: Uphill Battle

With wide eyes and an ear-to-ear grin, I stared out the window of our private transfer van as we left the city of Pereira, Colombia in the foothills of the mountains and headed to the countryside. I was tired but pleased all had gone smoothly to get me to Colombia without any hiccups. I was … Read more

wax palm trees scattered over mountainous landscape

9 Reasons to Consider Colombia for your next Adventure

Colombia is an incredibly diverse country that has sadly been plagued by an out-of-date, bad reputation. Many years ago the country wasn’t safe to visit, but that political situation has changed immensely in the past 10 years. It is time to move forward! It is now an up-and-coming destination with rich cultural history, colourful communities, … Read more

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