Retirement Travel

Are you retired and love to travel?
Are you a snowbird looking for new and exciting long-stay destinations?
Looking to stay active and have a bit of adventure without compromising safety?
Maybe you’ve never travelled before and aren’t sure where to start.
Or maybe, you want to travel, but don’t have a partner.

You've come to the right place!

Enjoy a Stress-Free, Unforgettable Trip

Africa, Greece, Antarctica, Australia & New Zealand! While you were busy with your career and raising kids, the world has been waiting for you! Now’s the time for you to experience those bucket list trips!

Go! Explore the world, discover the beauty, see the last frontier, taste the delicious food, climb the highest mountain or enjoy a luxury river cruise. You deserve it!

Organizing your dream trip can be complicated. The information online is endless, and technology is challenging. How do you know what information is current and legitimate? How do you decide which option is best for you?

Vacations are a big investment. Buying online, from a company in another country can be risky. At Love the Way You Travel, we are happy to meet you in person, chat by phone or zoom. We’re based in Nova Scotia but love all our Canadian clients! We’ll get to know you personally and make recommendations suited to your travel dreams.

Photo Credit: Xuan Nguyen | Unsplash

Travelling During Retirement

Travelling in your 20’s vs travelling in your 60’s, 70’s or beyond, are not the same. A lot of things have changed in the past 40 years and you have too!

In your 20’s you wandered solo with a backpack and a guidebook. Or took a whirlwind 10-country trip. You stayed in hostels and took a party bus now and again. When you got lost you pulled out your paper map, hoping you could fold it back up properly again.
But now, you are ready to relax and enjoy, a little more comfortably. You are interested in the culture, history, wine and wildlife. You enjoy meeting the locals and you’ve traded your all-nighters in for a night-cap.

Sleeping in shared quarters or in a hammock on the beach doesn’t really work for you anymore. You need a comfy bed and a good night’s sleep to take on the next day’s adventures.

Find those feelings of excitement, freedom and wonder just like you did when you were 20. Only this time, at a slower and more comfortable pace so you can truly appreciate the beauty our world has to offer.

Photo Credit: Shereen Mroueh | G Adventures


Always well informed

“Shari was excellent in keeping us updated on all points of our long-stay trip in Portugal. From the initial enquiry about the trip, to our arrival back in Canada, she was on top of all points, keeping us and the group fully informed. It was like a big sister looking after her siblings. We will definitely be booking with Shari again.”

Timothy Nicholson – Portugal

Savvy & social

“Shari is highly responsive and works hard to keep her clients informed, on track and well cared for in location. I love how tech and social media savvy she is and I loved the trip app she created for us.”

Jean Lula – Portugal

Travelling with mobility issues

“It was a pleasure and a comfort to have someone so knowledgeable and helpful make arrangements for my trip. The recent onset of significant mobility problems presented me with unfamiliar challenges. These were largely overcome by Shari’s help in making appropriate arrangements and by following my progress throughout the entire trip.”

Bernard Badley – Russia

Why Hire Love the Way You Travel?

Single, Widowed, Married, traveling with friends or your entire family, you don’t have to go-it alone! We can save you time, stress and costly mistakes. We’re here from start to finish to make sure you Love the Way You Travel, every time you travel.

We can help you:

  • Choose destinations based on your interests and activity level
  • Help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Find authentic experiences that give back to the communities you visit
  • Help you understand terms & conditions, flexible booking policies and cancellation policies
  • Find new friends to travel with
  • Become more confident travelling solo
  • Leave the world a better place for your grandkids

Whether you are planning your trip of a lifetime on an African Safari, your bucket list trip to Australia and New Zealand, or a snowbird long-stay to Portugal or Tahiti, we’ve got you. We take care of the logistics so you can have peace of mind while you are travelling. Go on, you deserve it!

Investment & Benefits

We pride ourselves in providing you excellent value and exceptional, personalized service. When you hire us, our Planning and Support Fees start from only $300 + tax per household, depending on length and complexity of your trip. We manage your trip from beginning to end, which includes:

  • Creation of fully customized itineraries
  • Comparison of small group tour, safari, river cruise or small ship cruise options
  • In-destination emergency support
  • Personalized trip app for your phone and tablet
  • Access to exclusive deals, perks and value adds that are not available to the general public or online.
  • Planting of 25 trees + 0.5 Tonnes of CO2 removed, on your behalf
  • Guidance on travel health, safety, insurance, tourist visa, vaccination, PCR testing and country entry requirements
  • Professional advice, recommendations and responsible travel tips

Travel is life-changing and should be approached purposefully and respectfully. Ensure you get the personalized service you deserve for your next adventure.


How to begin your adventure

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We’ll dig deep to get to know you and why you love to travel. We’ll explore what a perfect adventure feels like for you, and what destinations you have in mind. We’ll fill you in on what it looks like to work together and then you decide if you’d like to work together on your next adventure.

Step 2: Itinerary Creation

Once you hire us, we start the research and planning for your amazing adventure! We work together to ensure the itinerary is perfect. We’ll discuss the cancellation and refund policies and make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage. We’ll guide you through the process to make sure nothing is missed and that your choices are having a positive impact, whenever possible.

Step 3: Travel Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important pieces of any vacation. It provides financial protection for your vacation investment and peace of mind if you get sick or need medical attention abroad.

We make sure you have the correct coverage for your needs and know exactly who to call in an emergency.

Step 4: Booking Management

Your plans are in place for an amazing adventure, but there’s still lots to be done! From deposits to final payments, online check ins to e-docs, vaccinations and PCR testing requirements. We’ll keep you on track every step of the way, making sure nothing gets missed. Our services continue while you are in destination, with 24/7 Emergency Support.


Become a Member of the Nova Scotia Retirees Club

If you are retired, live in Nova Scotia, love to travel, or wish to start travelling – you’ve found your community, welcome! Joining is easy. To be eligible to join you must live in Nova Scotia, be retired, or soon to be retired (within 2 – 3 years) and have a Facebook Profile, as the community is hosted on Facebook.

Benefits of Joining

- Insider information from Shari, owner of Love the Way You Travel -
- Participate in group trips for club members only -
- Travel on member-only group trips -
- Access to virtual travel talks, to keep you dreaming -
- Get social and meet like-minded travellers and new friends -

What You Can Look Forward to in the Club

The Club normally meets for coffee once a month, for members to get to know one another. We also have an international themed dining group, when it is safe to do so! Both of these activities are on hold during the pandemic, but we’ll start again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Until then, our online community is quite active. In the Facebook group you’ll find travel inspiration. You can talk about places you’ve been, share tips and stories with other members and learn about new destinations through virtual travel events.

Group Tours for Nova Scotia Retirees

If you’ve ever wanted to travel with others from Nova Scotia, you’ve found the right place. As a member of the Nova Scotia Retirees Travel Club, you’ll get to vote and share your opinion on destinations that you’d like to visit as a group.

Our 2019 Algarve Long-Stay program was a great hit and fully sold out.

We organize River Cruises, Land tours and Long-Stays to different destinations each year. The variety of options appeals to different levels of activity, adventure and different destinations. It gives you a chance to meet new friends and travel with other retirees.

What our Club members have to say

“I joined the Nova Scotia Retirees Travel Group because I love to travel and I really don’t have anyone to travel with. The group has been enjoyable because I’m seeing a lot of places that I never really thought about visiting before. As a group leader, I feel that because Shari has travelled so much, she can help me decide which trips are good for me and which aren’t. I haven’t travelled with this group yet, but am looking forward to it.”

Jan Grandy - Member since 2018

“As part of the Nova Scotia Retirees Travel group, I enjoy reading about Shari’s travel experiences, as well as the members’’. There are general travel stories, practical information, and articles about sustainable, responsible travel. The answers to members’ inquiries are also interesting and valuable. I’ve attended a number of events, in person and on-line. The sessions about the Portugal Long Stay stand out as I found a travel partner at one of those meetings!”

Kim Cummings - Member since 2018

“We joined the Nova Scotia Retirees Travel Group in December of 2020 because we are interested in traveling, especially with like-minded people. We love to be sociable and hear experiences of others who travelled. We also love to share our travel stories. We feel all retirees, experienced or first time, would gain so much from joining this group: new friendships, confidence to travel to unusual places, and the affordability of travelling with a larger group. We’ve attended a couple of virtual events and we are looking forward to personally meeting members in the group at coffee or lunch dates.”

Suzie Shepherd & Terry Lomax - Members since 2020