Charles Bridge and the Vltava River on a sunny day

Fall in Love with Prague

Prague What cities have you fallen in love with on your travels? There are only a handful for me as I prefer mountains and ocean rather than the hustle and bustle of the city, but there are exceptions to every rule, right? Istanbul, Lisbon, Cape Town and now Prague has been added to my list … Read more

Mountain Biking in Colombia – Going Downhill Fast

Before trying something new, there’s always a mix of fear and excitement. If I’m being honest, Mountain Biking in Colombia might have erred a little more on the side of fear for me though. After my first-day mountain biking in Colombia, climbing 4 kilometres uphill and succeeding, I was on a high. All the fears … Read more

Group of people with mountain bikes in the mountains of Colombia

Mountain Biking in Colombia: Uphill Battle

With wide eyes and an ear-to-ear grin, I stared out the window of our private transfer van as we left the city of Pereira, Colombia in the foothills of the mountains and headed to the countryside. I was tired but pleased all had gone smoothly to get me to Colombia without any hiccups. I was … Read more

Plane wing with clouds in the distance and green lush valley below

What it is like to Travel right now

I did it! I broke free! I hopped on a plane and took off for Colombia for three glorious weeks of fresh air, mountains, great food, nature, sun, sea and new friends. Ah! The world of travel is a wonderful thing. It’s good for the soul. As a travel professional, I used to have all … Read more

Boulders and dirt track on single track mountain bike trail

Mountain Biking at McIntosh Run

Recently, I learned about McIntosh Run in Spryfield. It’s a multi-use trail system, built for mountain biking of various levels. What actually caught my interest was the story of McIntosh Run (a river) and how the McIntosh Run Watershed Society is working so hard to protect the river, the green space within the city and their focus … Read more

Woman in white shirt learning to surf on red surfboard

Learning to Surf in Sayulita

At over 30 years old, somehow I found the courage to give surfing a try in Sayulita, Mexico about 45 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta. It is a quaint little town with tonnes of restaurants and boutique shops along with a great tourist market. Not to mention a beautiful beach with great (small) waves for … Read more

Nepal prayer flags and mountain view

Nepal – Not just for trekkers – Part 3 – Kathmandu Valley

Most people, when they think of travelling to Nepal, immediately think of one thing: trekking. And, most notably, trekking at painful, nausea- and headache-inducing altitudes. And yes, while, Nepal is a haven for trekkers and is home to the dizzying heights of the Himalayas, there is so much more to do beyond trekking to Everest … Read more

Trisuli River Nepal

Nepal – Not Just for trekkers – Part 2 – River Rafting

When I say Nepal, I bet you immediately picture snow-capped mountains and sherpas trekking up narrow pathways, right? I bet not even one person’s first thought would be White Water Rafting!  Little did I know, there is amazing river rafting in Nepal. There are opportunities to raft on several rivers and I was lucky enough … Read more