What you need to know to make the best of Black Friday Specials

Every year when black Friday rolls around in November people go crazy for a good deal. We’re talking door crashers, long lineups, hair pulling … It’s a zoo out there!When it comes to travel, things are a little less competitive. No standing in line for hours, but phone queues will be busy and spots on … Read more

Mountain Biking in Colombia – Going Downhill Fast

Before trying something new, there’s always a mix of fear and excitement. If I’m being honest, Mountain Biking in Colombia might have erred a little more on the side of fear for me though. After my first-day mountain biking in Colombia, climbing 4 kilometres uphill and succeeding, I was on a high. All the fears … Read more

group of travellers at a winery

Why you should consider a Small Group tour for your next Adventure

One of the best ways to travel for the first time, or to venture back into travel after the Covid-pandemic is to consider a small group tour. They are easy on logistics, have incredible local guides and adhere to current safety protocols while giving you incredible, authentic experiences in your chosen destination. You might have … Read more

blue and green hummingbird sitting on a tree branch

3 things you may not know about Travel right now

We all know it is way past the point of having itchy feet to travel! Our entire bodies and minds are itching. Most of you probably haven’t left the country (or maybe even your province) for nearly two full years. We hear clients tell us weekly (sometimes daily) that all they want to do is … Read more

Sun breaking through storm clouds over the mountains and countryside of Colombia

4 Recommendations for Planning Travel in 2022

Travel is a luxury and a privilege, one that many people around the world don’t have on a regular basis, let alone during a pandemic. We all know getting back to travel is important for our own mental health. Who doesn’t need a vacation from all of this stress, gloom and doom? Trying to decide … Read more

wax palm trees scattered over mountainous landscape

9 Reasons to Consider Colombia for your next Adventure

Colombia is an incredibly diverse country that has sadly been plagued by an out-of-date, bad reputation. Many years ago the country wasn’t safe to visit, but that political situation has changed immensely in the past 10 years. It is time to move forward! It is now an up-and-coming destination with rich cultural history, colourful communities, … Read more

group of people paddling in yellow inflatable kayaks near a blue and white iceberg in Antarctica

4 Must-Do Experiences for your Once in a Lifetime Trip to Antarctica

Venturing into the dreamlike and uncharted world of Antarctica has never been easier. With more opportunities to explore than ever, there is truly something for everyone. If you are an adrenaline junky, animal enthusiast or photographer, you’ll feel right at home. Experience the freeing sensation of being officially nowhere. No country owns this continent which … Read more

Five Icelandic horses grazing at the base of a snowy mountain

7 Great Adventures to Enjoy in Iceland

Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice and for good reason. With varied terrain including glaciers, volcanos, and natural springs, Iceland is the place to go to experience adventure and relaxation. Snorkelling between tectonic plates, exploring vibrant tunnels formed by lava, and relaxing in natural thermal baths are only a few unique … Read more

Canadian mountain range in Alberta with sun kissed peaks

5 Must-dos in Banff and Lake Louise

Photo Credit: James Wheeler | Unsplash With snow-capped mountain peaks reflected in turquoise lakes, exploring the picture-postcard sights of Banff National Park is a must when visiting the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The park is home to two of Rocky Mountaineer’s destinations, Banff and Lake Louise, making it easy to spend time here either before or … Read more