Canadian mountain range in Alberta with sun kissed peaks

5 Must-dos in Banff and Lake Louise

Photo Credit: James Wheeler | Unsplash With snow-capped mountain peaks reflected in turquoise lakes, exploring the picture-postcard sights of Banff National Park is a must when visiting the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The park is home to two of Rocky Mountaineer’s destinations, Banff and Lake Louise, making it easy to spend time here either before or … Read more

Close up of two Canadian passports being held by a person with blue nail polish

Passport tips to get you ready for your next adventure

Nova Scotia is open. The Atlantic bubble is coming soon. Different parts of the world are starting to open. I bet you are starting to think about travel even if you aren’t quite ready to book that trip yet! The idea that it will soon be possible gives travel lovers a reason to celebrate! Although the … Read more

Historic buildings along a river in Strasbourg, France

Four Incredible Countries you’ll visit on a Rhine River Cruise

If you’re dreaming of a relaxing European vacation filled with history, culture, food and wine a Rhine River Cruise is the perfect fit! River cruising is one of the most in-demand styles of travel and, no wonder! You’ll only unpack once, get to visit several countries, travel sustainably on a ship rather than flying from … Read more

Boulders and dirt track on single track mountain bike trail

Mountain Biking at McIntosh Run

A couple of weekends ago, I learned about McIntosh Run in Spryfield. It’s a multi-use trail system, built for mountain biking of various levels. What actually caught my interest was the story of McIntosh Run (a river) and how the McIntosh Run Watershed Society is working so hard to protect the river, the green space within the … Read more

View of a pink building along the river in Ljubljana, Slovenia with green foliage

Adventure Travel on a Champagne Budget

Adventure travel is no longer a backpacker club of 18 – 25-year-olds. The new adventure traveller is nearing retirement but not ready to retire their adventurous spirit just yet. Nor should they! There is a whole world to discover outside of your comfort zone but tucked into a comfy bed at night. Get inspired by … Read more

View of the Douro River and historic district of Porto, Portugal with boats along the river

River Cruise 101

For the past couple of years, the river cruise industry has been booming. What once was only for the retired and wealthy, has become a bucket list trip for many and a trendy way to travel for 21 – 45-year-olds. It is not just for 60 plus anymore! Be careful though, it’s addictive! You may … Read more

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