Bike 4 Tourism - Coming Soon for 2022

Get ready to ride!

Anyone can participate in this worldwide cycling event in your own city or community. The goal is to promote tourism, raise hope, and support great causes. You can support and be part of all of this coming back in 2022!

Why Bike 4 Tourism?

  • Dream of travel
  • Unite by bicycle
  • Promote physical activity
  • Encourage more sustainable cities and the need for bike paths
  • Show your city or home town to the world
  • Learn about cycling culture around the world through other participant's photos
  • Join a worldwide community of people who love to ride bikes
  • Enter to win local and international prizes
  • Support local cycling & tourism businesses
  • Support causes for reforestation, reducing waste and reducing plastic in the oceans

Ready to get started? Contact us for registration details.

Photo Credit: Dan Russo | Unsplash

Team Information

Everyone on the team will ride independently, taking photos of your route along the way to show to the world, but we're still in it all together to support great causes. For information on team prizes, discounts and route ideas, please sign up for our Team Emails!

2021 Team Sponsors

Cyclesmith - 10% off parts & accessories - All Simple, VIP & Gold Registrations
Intrepid Travel - $100 off North American Cycling Trips or $200 off International Cycling Trips - All VIP & Gold Registrations
Sensea Nordic Spa - Gift Basket draw including 2 spa day passes - 1 entry per VIP & Gold Registration

* Terms & Conditions apply to each prize, ask for full details

Bike 4 Tourism Worldwide

For more information on Bike 4 Tourism join the Facebook group.

Photo Credit: Luca | Unsplash


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