Active Adventures

If your perfect adventure involves fresh air and staying active, you’re in the right place! Hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, kayaking and multi-activity tours are available for all levels, all around the world! Leisurely rides through rolling hills, walking and wine trips, bike and barge combinations or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Which will you choose?

Destination Inspiration

Enjoy local cuisine, history and culture while you keep your body moving with a variety of different activities.
Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Peru: Trek the famed Inca trail, or choose a high-altitude trek in the Andes Mountains. Kayak on Lake Titicaca. Go horseback riding, white water rafting, parasailing or mountain biking.
  • Ecuador: Kayak, swim, snorkel, or hike in the Galapagos Islands, visiting some of the most amazing wildlife on earth!
  • Costa Rica: Hike through rainforests, kayak through mangroves, get an extra thrill with white water rafting, canyoneering or ziplining!
  • Uganda: Trek to find gorillas deep in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or seek out other primates, insects and birds on jungle hikes.
  • Portugal: Enjoy a leisurely coastal hike in the Algarve. Cycle the Douro Valley wine region. Hike the calderas and volcanoes of the Azores, or the rugged coasts of Madeira. Let’s not forget surfing, snorkeling and diving!
  • Italy: Sip prosecco on a walking and wine tour in Tuscany. Hike the famed Walk of the God’s on the Amalfi Coast. Take to the mountains on the Mont Blanc Circuit in the Alps.
  • Vietnam: Cycle your way to quaint fishing villages. Kayak among towering karsts in beautiful bays or meet the locals in the north on a hilltribe trek.
  • New Zealand: Skydiving, bungee jumping, day hikes or week-long hikes. It’s one of the best destinations in the world for active adventures.

Photo Credit: Shereen Mroueh | G Adventures

What to Expect

Active adventures are for all activity levels, but it’s important to get the right trip for you. If you walk every day, but aren’t overly fit, you might enjoy a leisurely hiking or cycling itinerary with lots of stops and flat terrain.

If you consider yourself fit and want a challenge each day, we’ll find you a mountainous region, longer treks, or higher peaks!

You can choose the safety and camaraderie of a group tour, with the added value of a local guide. Or choose a leisurely self-guided itinerary. Either way, the logistics will be sorted for you. On a centre-based trip you stay at one locally owned lodge, farm or guest house throughout your itinerary. You take active trips each day to different nearby areas. If you’d prefer we can find you a trip where you walk or cycle between your accommodations each day. Don’t worry, your luggage will be transported for you, so you only need your day pack.

Self-guided trips provide route notes to follow, but your time is your own. Guided trips are more structured. There’s also van support, if you need a break from cycling.

Mountains or coasts, challenging or relaxing, wildlife or Medieval towns … the choice is yours. No one said it will be easy to choose, but we’re here to help.

Photo Credit: Shereen Mroueh | G Adventures


Accessible communication

“We have relied on Shari for more than five years to organize family holidays, couple getaways, complex flight plans and unique travel experiences. She is capable, reliable, organized and friendly. For our cycling tour in Provence, Shari took care of all the details: transfers, extra hotel night and flight connections that involved my husband and I joining up from two different origin cities. Highly recommend!”

Gwynedd Pickett – France, Japan, Costa Rica & more

Professional organization

“Shari Tucker as my travel agent for many years. Her experience, dedication, and knowledge of the travel industry is amazing as well as her organizational skills. She has been with me every step of the way, from planning through returning home. With Shari’s help, I’ve done cycling trips in Croatia, Sardinia, Vietnam and along the Danube River and many other trips. I love knowing she is always there to guide and support me wherever I travel.”

Rosemary Sampson – Croatia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, South Africa, India & more

Why Hire Love the Way You Travel?

When you hire us to plan your adventure, it’s important to understand we are not a booking agent or a search engine. We are travel planners who specialize in adventure trips.

If you love off the beaten track adventures, chances are, not too many of your friends or family have 'been there, done that'. How do you know what’s the right fit for you? We work closely with our industry connections to get the best insider information to match your travel dreams. We find the perfect combination of destination, accommodations and experiences. We take care of all the logistics and keeping you informed of country entry / exit requirements, too. Save yourself time, stress and costly mistakes by leaving it all to us!

Investment & Benefits

We pride ourselves in providing you excellent value and exceptional, personalized service. When you hire us, our Planning and Support Fees start from only $300 + tax per household, depending on length and complexity of your trip. We manage your trip from beginning to end, which includes:

  • Creation of fully customized itineraries
  • Comparison of small group tour, safari, river cruise or small ship cruise options
  • In-destination emergency support
  • Personalized trip app for your phone and tablet
  • Access to exclusive deals, perks and value adds that are not available to the general public or online.
  • Planting of 25 trees + 0.5 Tonnes of CO2 removed, on your behalf
  • Guidance on travel health, safety, insurance, tourist visa, vaccination, PCR testing and country entry requirements
  • Professional advice, recommendations and responsible travel tips

Travel is life-changing and should be approached purposefully and respectfully. Ensure you get the personalized service you deserve for your next adventure.


How to begin your adventure

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We’ll dig deep to get to know you and why you love to travel. We’ll explore what a perfect adventure feels like for you, and what destinations you have in mind. We’ll fill you in on what it looks like to work together and then you decide if you’d like to work together on your next adventure.

Step 2: Itinerary Creation

Once you hire us, we start the research and planning for your amazing adventure! We work together to ensure the itinerary is perfect. We’ll discuss the cancellation and refund policies and make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage. We’ll guide you through the process to make sure nothing is missed and that your choices are having a positive impact, whenever possible.

Step 3: Travel Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important pieces of any vacation. It provides financial protection for your vacation investment and peace of mind if you get sick or need medical attention abroad.

We make sure you have the correct coverage for your needs and know exactly who to call in an emergency.

Step 4: Booking Management

Your plans are in place for an amazing adventure, but there’s still lots to be done! From deposits to final payments, online check ins to e-docs, vaccinations and PCR testing requirements. We’ll keep you on track every step of the way, making sure nothing gets missed. Our services continue while you are in destination, with 24/7 Emergency Support.