Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is not about where you go or what you do. It’s about how you feel when you are there... Adventure Travel is all about soul.

If you’ve ever felt the joy of taking a deep breath of fresh mountain air, shed a tear (or cried a river) at the overwhelming beauty of a new destination as the sun sets, felt the exhilaration of reaching your physical limit and conquering your mountain, or felt an intrinsic connection with someone who you don’t share the same language with… We believe you have the soul of an adventure traveller.

What type of adventure will you choose?

Adventure & Expedition Cruises

If you love to connect with nature, meet the locals in remote villages and literally go where no roads lead, Adventure & Expedition Cruising is a great match for you. These small ships with 100 – 200 passengers often combine tourism with research. The researchers on board collect important data about wildlife and the environment but are also, often your expert guides!

When you are on the ship, you’ll be entertained by the local wildlife, the aurora borealis, and on-board educational presentations. Off the boat, you’ll be immersed in nature, from a tundra walk to kayaking with whales, or hiking a volcano.

Adventure & Expedition cruising is an amazing way for curious, continuous learners to explore off the beaten path destinations in some of the most remote places in the world.

Photo Credit: UnCruise

Active Adventures

If you like to stay active on vacation, there’s a world of options out there to keep you moving. While many people think of hard-core adventures such as trekking to Everest Base Camp or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, you’re more likely to find us helping people with casual hiking and cycling trips that are level 1 – 5 on a scale of 10.

If hiking, cycling or multi activity trips combining yoga, kayaking or SUP get you excited, then what are you waiting for?

No matter which type of active adventure you choose, you’ll enjoy fresh air, breathtaking scenery, local culture and cuisine. Your transportation will be powered by your own energy, but you won’t miss out on any of the soul of the destination. In fact, you might just find you are more connected to nature, yourself and the locals.

Photo Credit: Shereen Mroueh | G Adventures


All the support you need along the way!

“I have always planned my own trips in the past, but thought I would try Shari’s services this time. She made our arrangements hassle free and was always there to thoughtfully answer my questions, big or small. It was great to have her support along the way, and she was able to advise about our flights when we missed our connection on the way home. I will definitely be calling on her to help plan our next family adventure.”

Janice Jones – Morocco

A top travel agent

“Shari’s knowledge of our destination was paramount in helping us have an awesome travel experience. Her recommendations and tips for itinerary planning were spot on and we enjoyed everything she had to offer us. It was seamless from start to end, with not a minute of wasted time, nor did we feel over planned. A top travel agent who knows what she’s doing. Can’t wait to start planning our next adventure with her!”

Jodi Coles – Turkey

African Safaris

You’ll never feel the soul of adventure travel more than when you are on a safari. It’s an overwhelmingly beautiful feeling to be off the beaten track, in the wild. Imagine being mere feet from some of the most powerful, colorful and charismatic animals in the world!

If you are a lover of wildlife, a safari will offer you safe, but thrilling, encounters with animals in their natural habitat. Experience the beauty of the most amazing creatures on earth and learn about the communities that co-exist with them.

Whether you’d like to travel by safari truck, horse or on foot, there’s something for every activity and excitement level.

Photo Credit: Shari Tucker

River Cruises

River Cruising is a relaxing way to explore multiple ports, with the pleasure of only having to unpack once.

For soft adventure, consider European River Cruising with culinary adventures, historic city walks and music performances. You may wish to alternate cultural activities with hikes through national parks or cycling along the river. Then, you have a well-balanced vacation that keeps you active, relaxed and educated.

For the more adventurous, consider destinations like Vietnam and Cambodia, Botswana and Namibia, Egypt or the Amazon. Imagine exploring the ancient pyramids of Giza or going on a safari by boat in Botswana! From daily life and floating markets along the Mekong, to the Indigenous tribes of the Amazon, your itch for both culture and adventure will be scratched.

Photo Credit: Ama Waterways


Curious what impact your next adventure vacation could have on the world? Check out our Responsible Travel page to learn how you can make a difference just by taking your next adventure vacation!

Small Group Adventures

Small group trips are a great way to see the world. You can explore one country at a time, or multiple countries in one trip. And it helps keep your carbon footprint low, or neutral!

You’ll travel with 4 - 16 people from around the world who are soon to be your new friends. You’ll get hands on experiences and a real feel for the destination. You’ll get around by public transportation, stay in locally operated hotels and mingle with the locals during cooking classes, art classes or city tours.

All of the logistics are taken care of and your fantastic local guide is the secret sauce, giving you insider perspective on the local culture.

Photo Credit: Oana Dragan | G Adventures

Tailormade Adventures

With interests that span different areas and styles of travel, sometimes it’s hard to find a packaged trip that meets your needs. That’s where Tailormade Adventures come in, designed just for you.

You do all the dreaming and we take care of the magic of making it all happen!

Maybe you’d like to rent a villa in Tuscany for your entire extended family for two weeks or do a long stay in the Algarve for a couple of months. We can arrange everything from day tours to car rentals to cooking classes and personal chefs.

Keep active during the day with hiking, cycling or exploring the cities, hidden beaches and vineyards, or head to the natural hot springs for a spa day.

Photo Credit: Shari Tucker