You have a dream, to explore the world. We can help you do it responsibly.

Planning an adventure is exciting!

It’s something to look forward to. It keeps your spirits high as you enjoy the anticipation of exploring a new destination.

You’ve Googled and bookmarked, pinned and documented everything from photos to websites, to restaurant reviews. You’ve done lots of research, but the planning is overwhelming and time consuming. You love looking at beautiful pictures and that means your list of places to see and things to do keeps getting longer. How will you ever fit it all in?

You are ready to invest your money in a vacation you’ll love, but you’re unsure which companies are legitimate and where your money is actually going.

Buying local and reducing waste is important in your daily life, but you’re not sure how to honour those values when you travel.

Sound familiar?

We find destinations and experiences that make your heart sing.

The endless amount of information online is overwhelming. You don’t need more unvetted information. What you really need is quality information, tailored to you. All of the options don’t apply to you, but how do you figure out which ones are the best fit for you and your values?

The secret is a well-travelled, knowledgeable and experienced travel planner, with inside connections. Anyone can Google things to do in a destination, but to find truly authentic experiences, not just the most popular options, you need insider information.

When you hire us to plan your travels, we get to know you as a person, and as a traveller. Our hands-on experience in over 45 countries, combined with our network of strong industry connections ensures you have authentic adventures, every time you travel.

Working with us, you can rest assured not only will you have an amazing adventure, your investment will do double duty as you’ll also have a positive impact on the world, just by travelling.

From planning, through to your safe return home, we’ll make sure you Love the Way You Travel, and that your sustainable values aren’t left behind.

Photo Credit: Shari Tucker

Let's Make a Difference, Together

Tourism must be done responsibly to be sustainable for the future. Every time you choose a travel company that is making sustainable choices, your impact grows exponentially. Your money isn’t just buying your vacation, it is impacting the people, places and planet. Let’s make sure it’s a positive impact!

Here are a few ways Love the Way You Travel is committed to making your travel-buying decision more impactful, so we make a bigger difference, together.

  • We choose the travel companies we work with carefully, looking at their commitment to responsible and sustainable travel. We also try to share with you how your trip is making a difference, so you can be proud of the impact you are having.
  • Each of our internet searches and advertising clicks plants trees through Ecosia. They are 200% renewable and B Corp Certified.
  • We offset our life and business emissions with Ecologi which is Gold Standard certified, ensuring every penny of climate and development funding goes as far as it can.
  • For every new, qualified booking from April 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023 we will fund the planting of 25 trees + 0.5 a tonne of CO2 will be removed through our partnership with Ecologi. Check out our growing forest.
  • We reduce waste by providing paperless documents for your trip. Your nifty, new trip app on your phone or tablet keeps everything for your trip organized!
  • We support you, the local community, and the world, every step of the way. This is how we make a difference, together.
Shari Tucker smiling at the camera. She is wearing a dark teal shirt against a mountain scene

Meet Shari Tucker

Shari Tucker is a plane crash survivor, turned travel advisor. She spent 11 years grounded by fear, but once she took flight again, she hasn’t stopped since. Shari has travelled to over 50 different countries and lived in Argentina, Turkey, Portugal and Panama.

She loves blue skies, warm breezes and beautiful beaches, but would prefer crisp, fresh, mountain air over sweltering heat, any day. She’s spent a lot of time travelling solo but has also met some of the most amazing friends in her life on small group tours.

Shari has the soul of an adventurer. No matter where she is in the world, you’ll find her getting to know the locals, laughing, exploring by foot, enjoying new experiences and photographing the beauty that surrounds her.

Contact Shari:
Email | Phone: 902 402 7646 | Book a consult


2022 - ACTA Tomorrow's Leader Award
Best Travel Agency in Halifax for Community Votes 2020 & 2021
TPI's Global Citizen Award
2021 - 2024 Top Travel Specialists, Condé Nast Traveler


Top five nominees for the Environmental Category of Virtuoso's Luminaries, Legends and Leaders award in 2021
Top five nominees for the Protecting the Planet Category of Virtuoso's Luminaries, Legends and Leaders award in 2022

Certifications & Specializations

Aussie Specialist | Peru Specialist | Certified South Africa Specialist | Amazing Thailand Specialist | Ama Waterways Specialist
Uncruise Specialist | G Adventures Specialist | National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures Specialist
Rocky Mountaineer Specialist | Exodus Travels Expert | Exodus Travels Cycling Expert | Exodus Travels Hiking Expert
Intrepid Travel Specialist | Travel Better Certificate by Sustainable Travel International |
Regent Seven Seas Cruises Associate & Bachelor Designations |


Meet Louise Fraser

Louise was raised on poutine and cinnamon buns as she travelled back and forth between Canada and Sweden visiting family. Ski hills in Norway, France and Italy were covered in her tracks over many March breaks and the archipelago of Stockholm hosted her cool dips in the sea, saunas and plenty of midsummer dances. Not knowing what to sink her teeth into once she hit University, Louise set off to travel the faraway lands of China and then Colombia. Teaching English gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture, get to know the local people and experience a totally different way of life.  The need to expand her mind and learn important lessons through seeing and doing gave her a unique kind of education that has stayed with her through the years.

Louise is passionate about wellness and the environment and is known as a bit of an “earth mama” especially by her three adventurous children. She’s into authentic cuisine, farmers markets, and practicing foreign languages. Most of all, she loves discovering new places and learning about other cultures especially when surrounded by her boys.

Contact Louise:
Email | Phone: 902 497 7153 | Book a consult


At Love the Way You travel, we are proud to be part of the exclusive Virtuoso network. We use our personal connections and firsthand experiences to create authentic adventures for our clients. The Virtuoso network allows us unique access to insider information from in-destination experts and access to unique, often un-Googleable experiences.

From on board cruise credits, to exclusive excursions. From room upgrades and preferred pricing, to dining and spa credits. If you’re not booking with a Virtuoso Advisor, you are missing out on the VIP treatment.

As a commitment to our continuing education and doing responsible business, we are also proud members of the Virtuoso Adventure and Sustainability Communities. We receive exclusive, specialized training on destinations, tours and properties and, gain invaluable insider information that we use to inspire your next amazing adventure vacation.